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Any classic auto related business qualifies for a free basic listing!

We offer several ways to help you showcase your business on the fast growing Internet. According to recent statistics Internet usage by consumers is growing 10 times faster than the adoption of the television set did many years ago. Isn't it time you promoted your company on this cost effective medium?! We have designed this page to allow you to select a promotion package that best meets your particular requirements. You can check the options below to see the cost of a particular service we provide (the basic level is free!) and read about its features. There is no obligation even if you fill in and send the form - for anything other than a free listing we will contact you to fully discuss your wishes.

Remember - Listing or advertising your business on the Classic Car-Nection is like locating it in a virtual mall consisting only of automotive suppliers and services. Location is everything!! In addition, we believe strongly in the premise that if we provide both good value and service to our customers they are likely to remain with us for a long time!

Just click the checkboxes below, selecting the features that are important to you and the monthly fee will automatically adjust based on your selections. Please note that some options include others and the overall price will not increase when you select them. Conversely, other options have pre-requisites, or are mutually exclusive. You can get a description of each item from the link to the right of the checkbox. Remember you can play "what-if" with the checkboxes to see the various costs and services available.

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Free Classified Listing

We will list your business free in our classified directory listing. All we ask is that you keep the details up to date. Examples of updates would include area code changes, changes of email address, or the addition of a website address. Depending on the type of business, your listing will be found when a visitor to our site performs a particular search of our database. Your name will appear among others supplying the same type of service.

For example if someone looks for Chevy truck parts suppliers, here is the list he or she gets.
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Advertising Package

In addition to the free classified listing, we highlite your listing in its category, provide you a slot in a rotating banner on our homepage, and a permanent text link on our homepage. The top frame of our site features constantly rotating scrolling banners which will include your business name, and this list is searchable under a growing list of categories. All banners and listings can point directly to your already existing website or to the provider details page on our system. This banner frame is always visible throughout the time a visitor is browsing our site. Lastly we are providing a growing list of alternate entry points to our site - each is focused on a single make of vehicle and we feature your banner permanently on this page as long as you subscribe to our services.
For examples see the following pages

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An entry in the catalogs page

This includes the advertising package described above, and also adds an advertisement for a catalog of your parts/services on our extremely well frequented catalog page. Catalogs featured here are usually available online, or can be ordered online. They do not have to be our shopping cart catalogs.
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Simple Web Site Hosting - Example

This lower cost service is designed for companies who want just a simple low cost virtual store front to advertise their presence on the web. It provides a web presence of up to four pages, containing static information, (text, photos, sound etc), and the option of a mailback information form. If you require dynamically built pages, for example extracting information from databases, or more than four pages, you should consider our standard web hosting plan described below. Both web site hosting packages include our advertising package (a $15 US monthly value)
A startup onetime cost applies if you wish us to design your pages. For those who can design their own pages, we offer Microsoft FrontPage 98 support, as well as basic FTP facilities so that you can move pages to our server anytime.
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Web Site Hosting - Example

This provides larger websites to businesses who require more than four separate web pages, or who wish to provide dynamic information on their sites. This is considered our normal web hosting plan, and we are willing to accomodate any reasonable requirements. The simple and lower cost plan described above is designed for companies whose needs can be met with just a few static pages of information. Web site hosting includes our advertising package (a $15 US monthly value)
A startup onetime cost applies if you wish us to design your pages. For those who can design their own pages, we offer Microsoft FrontPage 98 support, as well as basic FTP facilities so that you can move pages to our server anytime.

Please note that for extremely complex or large sites we reserve the right to increase our quoted price. For example we allow you a standard 5 Megabytes of disk storage for your site, and charge an additional $3 US per month for each extra megabyte. In practice this will almost always only affect you if you have a large database, or many image files.
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Own Domain Name option

If you are interested in either of the web site hosting opions we provide, your internet address is normally of the form For a small additional monthly charge we can provide you a name of the form


  • Your chosen name may not be available - this is out of our control
  • Additional charges apply, payable to NetWork Solutions Inc (aka the InterNic). Currently these charges are $70 to register a new name, and pre-pay for the first two years, and thereafter $35 a year to maintain it. You will be invoiced directly by NetWork Solutions for this.
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Classic Car Dealer Inventory List See an example

This is designed to allow classic car dealers to easily and inexpensively maintain a full or partial inventory listing online.
Features include

  • Easy entry, maintenance and deletion of adverts via a web browser. No limit on the number of cars you may advertise at any one time.
  • Provides a summary page of the cars entered which has a permanent URL (web address). This can be used alone, or linked to from your existing web site, or from one of our web site options to provide a quick reference to your cars for sale.
  • Allows viewing the statistics on how many times each advertisment has been viewed.
  • Includes our advertising package (a $15 US monthly value)
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Shopping Cart online Catalog - See an example

Specially designed for classic car parts vendors, we have received many words of praise on the ease of use of our shopping cart catalogs. You may put online all, or as much of your parts inventory as you wish, and online orders can, and probably will, start flowing in from around the world. Features include -

  • Breakdown of your parts into as many as three levels of detail - Main index section, subsection, and sub-subsection.
  • Searchable by index section, or keyword
  • Provides true shopping basket operation, with checkout.
  • May feature pictures of any parts you wish. (You must provide the pictures)
  • Secure ordering is available as an option. (It requires that you purchase a Verisign certificate)
  • Separate pages available only to the catalog owner provide order details, catalog maintenance facilities, and sales statistics by part
  • Includes our advertising package (a $15 US monthly value)
  • We can supply optional software that will print your catalog. This master copy is ready to give your printer for mass duplication

Startup onetime cost applies if you wish us to initially build the parts database. Also the monthly cost will be increased by $3 for every extra Megabyte of disk storage after the first 5. This will normally only happen if you wish to include a lot of pictures in your catalog
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Our Discount Policy

We normally invoice you three-monthly, and your invoice will arrive in arrears, about a month before the current quarter year expires. This provides you the option of informing us whether you wish to continue for another three month period when you pay the invoice.

We do however offer attractive discounts for those who are willing to commit to longer terms, and pay in advance. Currently we offer the following

  • Pay 3 months in advance and receive a 5% discount
  • Pay 6 months in advance and receive a 10% discount
  • Pay 9 months in advance and receive a 15% discount
  • Pay 12 months in advance and receive a 20% discount
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Why should I have my web site hosted here?

A good question! There are literally hundreds of places you can go for this service. However we think that some or all of the following points will make a good case for us

  • Place your business where it is most easily found in context. (we not only submit your site address to the internet search engines, but also provide you free extensive advertising on our own classic car site!)
  • We believe in customer satisfaction.
  • Our rates are competitive with the general purpose hosting companies.
  • If you have a parts catalog, you can often add an online version to a website hosted here at little or no extra monthly cost.
  • The same applies if you are a classic car dealer. We have hundreds of visitors searching for their particular dream car on these pages. Place your web site or inventory list where the searchers are!
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