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Meet the writing and editorial staff of! This group of passionate writers is responsible for bringing you all the content on this website and maintaining it. Each of them brings something unique to the team.

 Classic Cars – John Javitts

From hot rods and muscle cars to roadsters and classic sedans, John has a love for anything related to classic cars. He first learned to love the lines and colors of classic cars from his father, who was also an automotive enthusiast.

 Foreign Cars – Jane Hudson

Whether it be a BMW or a Mitsubishi, a Mercedes Benz or an Audi - if it’s a foreign car, Jane has probably driven it, repaired it, and customized it. Although she’s a patriot through and through, Jane loves the exotic lines and precision engineering of foreign cars.

 Domestic Cars – Zach Freeman

Name a make and model of an American-made car and Zach will talk your ear off for hours about the history and production of that car. From Fords and GMs to Chryslers, if it was made in Detroit at some point, Zach knows about it.

 Restoration – Jared Smith

For Jared, there’s nothing better than a day spent under the hood of a car or behind a welding torch. Jared first learned to restore cars when he a teenager at his family’s garage. Since then, he’s been busy buying, restoring, and selling cars of almost every make of car imaginable.

 Auto Safety – Mary Coons

Mary spent years as an automobile insurance underwriter, so she has a unique perspective on auto safety. Mary is very knowledgeable about all the latest advances and regulations regarding auto safety in the United States.

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