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Whether it is a ’57 Chevy, ’63 Skylark, ’72 Mustang or other vintage car, nothing beats driving one of these classic autos. Of course, not everyone can own a vintage car, but that does not mean driving one is impossible for those do not have one. In fact, there are vintage cars for rent across the globe for those who want the experience of driving one.

Even those who do not necessarily want to drive one of these vintage autos themselves may have reason to rent one. They are a popular choice for transporting the bride and groom to and from a wedding, for use in special events, or as props in movies for new and established directors alike. This resource is designed to help anyone interested in vintage car rental. Follow the links to learn more about renting a vintage car and where they can be found in the United States and around the world.

About Renting Vintage Cars

• Fantastic Classic Car Rental — MSNBC explains what one should know about renting a vintage car and describes how to find some rental locations.

• Tips for Renting a Classic Car — Renting a vintage car is not always easy, so users will appreciate this site filled with advice on how to find classic cars to rent.

Classic Car Rental Locations

• Antique Automobile Club of America — Many people have been able to find a vintage car to rent through contacting owners who are members of the Antique Automobile Club of America even if they could find no classic car rental location in their area.

• Antique Car Hire USA — Many New Yorkers can only rent a classic car for use in a movie shoot, but this site allows users to rent cars for personal uses or events for which they need a chauffeured ride.

• Classic Car Hire World — World travelers will especially appreciate this site because it allows them to find vintage cars for rent nearly anywhere in the world.

• Dallas Dream Cars — Renting a vintage car for a wedding or other event can make it truly unique and special, and this is an excellent place for residents of Dallas, Texas, to find a classic car to hire.

• Exotic Car Share — Join Exotic Car Share and gain access to classic cars and vintage cars in Illinois and several other states. Although they do not claim to be a “car rental” company, that is actually the service they provide, albeit in a more comprehensive manner than most rental locations.

• Film Cars — Filmmakers in the New York area will need a local car rental firm if they are looking to use vintage cars in their projects, and this site is designed specifically to help them out.

• Film My Ride Picture Cars — Persons in Southern California who need to rent a classic car for a special trade show, the film industry, and more can turn to this site to help meet their unique needs.

• Nationwide Limousine Rental — Despite the name, this rental agency is located in San Francisco, but it is a site that everyone interested in renting a classic or vintage car in northern California should visit due to the quality of its vehicles.

• Sports Car Rentals — This is one of the best places to go to find classic cars for rent in and around Charlottesville, Virginia.

• Vintage Auto Chauffeur — The great thing about this rental outlet in Birmingham, Alabama, is that the chauffeurs that accompany each car are wearing period-specific uniforms for an added dose of authenticity.



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