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Many people have lost significant amounts of money buying vehicles that are priced much higher than their market values, or sold their cars at much lower prices. Antique and classic car sellers and buyers should find out about the true values of the cars they own or wish to buy before they agree to an offer. There are companies that offer auto appraisal service, but they may charge a high rate for their service. The best thing to do is to visit a website that provides information about antique and classic car blue book values. Such information includes the market values of a car based on different conditions, and it makes it possible for people to self-appraise a car.

  • NADA Guides: The ultimate price guide for automobiles, including antique and classic cars.
  • Kelley Blue Book: Provides the trade-in values, private party values, suggested retail values, and certified pre-owned values of many different cars.
  • Hemmings: Includes a search tool that allows car owners and buyers to find out the lowest, average, and highest asking prices for antique and classic cars, as well as newer cars.
  • Edmunds: A database that contains a huge collection of antique and classic car blue book values.
  • Sports Car Market: A reliable auto price guide that shows important information such as the prices of cars and investment grades.
  • Eve Cars: An auto valuation tool that will reveal how much a certain used car is currently worth.
  • Carwale: Provides an accurate estimate of the value of a used car.



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